POLITICS~JasperSay’s   7/11/18


Early in June I wrote, “Subpoena? What use is it if it can be ignored & not be enforced?”

Lisa Page just gave the finger salute to respond to a subpoena. Will she be declared in Contempt of Congress? And if not, will this open the floodgates to anyone that wants to do the same? Will that mean the Constitution no longer has any authority to govern the country? Does our future depend on the next step by the Justice Department? Is the roll-o-coaster off the tracks?


POLITICS~JasperSay’s 6/20/18

POLITICS~JasperSay’s 6/20/18

Have they done it? The Trump haters have been obfuscating, delaying, trying to trap President Trump, it seems forever. It was inevitable statically that it should happen.   I believe he’s in a corner and might not be able to get out. A damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. By signing the Executive Order he is limited to days, if any at all. The only other choice is to have Congress craft a bill. Fat Chance! Senators as well as some House members will gum up the works. Just to GET Trump!

In the meantime, the nation becomes more polarized. 



It wasn’t long ago that the world military was expected to stay home and “Leave the driving” to more scientific pursuers: like NASA. Of course that was hedged by everyone, even those that couldn’t afford it, although it went surprisingly well.

But today is another day. Under the guise of doing what is best for the country, the U.S., perhaps a defensive premonition, is coming close to creating a SPACE COMMAND, about to be born at the Pentagon,

“President Trump announces he is directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon “to immediately begin the process necessary to establish the Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces” source: CNN

What happens to NASA?

What happens to the money makers that have financed rides to the moon?

Does POTUS know something we don’t? No! it would have leaked out long ago.





If we were to have a war with China, not necessarily a shooting war, not a trade war, not even a cyber disruption of Face Book. But all they would have to do was to screw with our packages from them. That is when UPS or USPS or FEDEX would deliver a box from CHINA, they would misspell their return address.
“How would that be of any consequence to Americans? you ask!”
Just think! What if all the packages that had to be ‘put together’ were somehow missing a screw or the nuts wouldn’t fit the bolts or a small but strategic part were missing and it would do no good to try and send it back? What if a baby’s pull toy were missing the rope and there was no remedy.
Shortly, nothing would fit! Billions of dollars would be for naught! And what’s more millions of everyday American citizens would be sucking their thumbs along with their analysts. Assuming they could get one. (Offices swamped.)
Government, unable to get out of the obstructionist mode, would become the target of the people and would topple super fast.
All this would be because of the sneaky Chinese Government.
So! Let us be aware if who is trying to hack our elections and who is trying the screw us.



Grocery shopping is not as much fun anymore. I remember the times, not too long ago, that Dawn and I would head out to replenish our larder from the local celery-cellars. We would split the lists and head out in opposite directions: crisscrossing the others trail and haphazardly meet in some obscure isle like RAT POISON and compare notes: I got this, Me too. We got the same thing! Then I’d say, “Keep it. We’ll have a spare.”
But the most fun would be at the checkout. Invariably Dawn would head in first then I would follow from the other direction. “Move that garbage truck up there,” I would holler. Dawn would look back at me then “tut” at the getting nervous cashier. “Move it, wide hips.”
”You’re about as fresh as the halibut.”
“Hey! You’re my kind of woman. Wanna go home with me?”
By this time everyone in hearing distance are trying to find out where those voices were coming from. Some ladies are looking the other way, and the men are smiling.
“If you’ll pay my bill,” she echoes.
“I’ll pay. Meet me in the parking lot!”
The woman behind the counter would smirk as I headed toward the door like the Lone Ranger.
We got our weeks sustenance and a little entertainment too.
All this is true;depending on how you look at it.


Concern over the Government’s yearly celebration of Easter by sponsoring an EasterEgg Roll on the Whitehouse Lawn has exploded! The Press has revealed that unnamed sources have expressed that any government recognition of a religion is in violation of Constitutional Rights of citizens.
A spokesman for the newly formed group, The American Ideal, claims that the practice of an egg roll for children is a poorly concealed attempt to brainwash the up and coming youth to Republican misconceptions of what the people really want and inculcates them to vote as the Right Wing wants.
Senators and a few Republicans are calling for an investigation into impeaching President Trump for unAmerican activities.
The S.P.C.A. has started its’ own investigation into where the Easter Bunny gets his eggs! “Thousands of laying hens have notice their donations toward breakfast tables might be missing and driving up egg prices.
A statement from Congress has sparked widespread unrest and worry that the stock market will take a dive and roost on its money.
Reporters everywhere are urging the people to refrain from the Easter Bunny and any government involvement.


This is Jasper writing from my remote station in the dog house. I don’t remember why I’m here exactly: something I said no doubt. Let’s go through it.
Dinner was finished and Dawn asked, “How was the meatballs?”
I innocently responded, “Those cannonballs were tender! for cannonballs.”
Then I seem to have blacked out! I deduced that I said something wrong once I recognized the soft thing on top of me was a pillow and not the dog.